October 15th, 2006

Fire Rainbow

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Brunch was nice.

I finally unpacked. Can give Char back her suitcase now.

Caught up on some bills. Have to get my other paychecks in order so I can figure out which other ones take priority. Ugh. I hate living paycheck to paycheck. It's almost demeaning.

Have 4 shifts this week though, so I should get some good cash flow. I need to start going to the atm after every shift and just shoving the money in the bank like I used to do when I was a waitress. Unfortunately, my bank DEMANDS a deposit slip. So, I need to grab a stack of the blank ones from the bank next time I'm there so I can have them on hand. Maybe I'll do that on Wednesday when I go deposit my paycheck. Hmm.

Debating on whether or not to leave the house again today. I'm all cozy in my pj pants. I love these pants. I think these pants will be taken in if/when I lose more weight. That's how much I love these pants.

Ok, i think I am going to play a little Civ 2 and then decided in 90 minutes what I want to do for the rest of the day. I *should* do laundry, but I have no desire to complete such a horrific task. I *should* do house maintenance, again, no desire. Soon I'll put my ceiling fan up. That'll be an interesting day. I suppose I should grab it from the car, maybe later.
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