November 2nd, 2006

Bob Ross


i have a sleeping meg on the loveseat. a loretta who is half sleepy and a sleeping vera on the dining room chair.

wondering about going to the sba to see about maybe a coffee shop in my future at dove mountain.

or wishing for a sugar daddy.

spaghetti was good.

want a new tattoo.

fulltime at pizza until something else opens up? will talk to the ham.

i really like watching daria.

i really need to organize and clean this place. something in my life needs to be orderly.


No bisbee. come up with alternate plans.
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Outdoor Shower

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People were pretty chintzy with the tips tonight. They could have at least offered me candy that they had left over. You know they did. Bastards.

Hung out with Megatron before work and then Mariah after. Nachos.

Loretta is trying to take my arm down and she just batted my nose with her paw. I just smacked her on the back of the head. She's back to annihilating the cow and stalking her food dish. Weirdo.

Any ideas how to move "You're great." to "You're dateable."? I'll take all suggestions into consideration.

No Bisbee this Thanksgiving. I think the drive-in is calling, if something good is playing. I'll keep my macaroni and cheese tradition alive and well.

Part of me feels like bawling and the other part wants to go out and party. Need to find my balance in there.

I think it's time for me to go read.
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