November 22nd, 2006

Trent Microphone

Tag, I'm it

I'm not tagging anyone else, honestly, because I'm lazy.

I'll include the meme behind a cut and then continue on with my daily posting.

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I left call center early to go to pizza job. I pretty much broke even, but had more fun doing the pizza job than I would listening to women bitch that they don't have their pants yet and the world will now come to an end because they didn't get their outfit in time for thanksgiving and have to go to dinner naked. I just don't care. Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine.

*rolls eyes*

As soon as 5:15 hit, the phone were ringing off the hook. It was pretty hectic. And then, about 7:15...dead silence. So random. So, I got off work about 8 and headed for Fry's to get some stuff for some pumpkin cheesecake tomorrow. MMMMMMMM.

Speaking of, those of you in town please feel free to come and hang out tomorrow evening. I should be available for company about 6 p.m. A night of games, cheesecake and coffee. Give me a call or email if you need my address.

Fry's was INSANE. I used the auto checker to get out of there in a hurry. I wasn't going to wait in line for 10 items. People were buying their entire T-day dinners, I had beer waiting for me. I had to go.

Got to 4th and had some beers and did some crosswords with the ham. We were the big winners, we completed the entire puzzle page of the AZ Daily Star. Now, I'm home, listening the cats argue with each other.

I think bed is calling me now.
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