November 29th, 2006

Holla Bunny

I actually have the heater on

Yes, it's true.

It just kicked on and scared the crap out of the kitties. hehehehehehe

Seriously, what is it with these women and their pants?

Got a call from S at pizza around 4:45. I called back and asked what was up, she wanted to know if I could come in and cook. Um, ok. Closing cook called out sick, so the other cook agreed to close and I came in to help. I told her I didn't know how to toss dough, but would be happy to top pizzas, make sides and handle the phone/counter. Glad that worked well. I made $2 in tips! Woo!

My feet are killing me, note to self wear warehouse shoes for cooking shifts.

Ok, need to get to bed soon, have to stay warm and snuggle with kittieheads.

I have a feeling the cold will make vera put petty differences aside and sleep on the bed tonight.
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