November 30th, 2006

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Burn out?

I took the day off today. I also didn't call in. Oops.

I really couldn't handle another day of women bitching at me about their lack of pants and bras. Or because it didn't show up in six days or because the salespeople at the store are telling them that they will get it in 3 days. *sigh*

Anyways, I also had to get my tire checked out. It had a slow leak. Turns out, there was a nail. When I worked on a construction site this never happened. C'est la vie. So, while they worked on my tire, I went to Denny's to have some breakfast. While I was there, there were two other people who were from Massachussetts and the cold caught them unawares. They've been here about a week.

"We left Massachussetts to get away from this!"

I gave them a list of the locations of Big Lots, Walmart, Goodwill and Savers to assist them on their quest for blankets. I guess the heat isn't on in the new place yet. I agreed with the guy's take on the eating of the pancakes. You eat them last. :)

Loretta is chasing Vera around the place. Seriously, these two need therapy. Driving tonight, I think it might be busy since it's cold out. No one wants to go out. Let's hope.
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Burn out

Ok, so I forgot to actually discuss this when I wrote the other post. The burn out.

I was listening to NPR while I got my car washed and they were discussing Burn Out. I guess there is an article or a new book called Can't Get No Satisfaction. It's about burnout. I guess the author thinks it should be put into the DSM or something.

Then, they spoke to someone else who mentioned that there were a few versions of burn out such as, boredom or extreme stress. Then I began to wonder, is my boredom with some of the jobs I've had because of burn out? Or is it because of true boredom. Then again, I haven't really had a job where I felt like I was actually being challenged.

Have you had burnout?
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