December 10th, 2006

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Ok. So, yes, supervisor at pizza. Kind of fell into that one. :)

Called temp agency on Friday to ask WTF was going on with this assignment. I swear to FSM that this has just been a disaster from day one. I get Tammi, who tries to sell you on everything. Seriously, this woman should have been a used car saleswoman.

"Ok, Tammi, hi. Listen, I'm hearing all kinds of different things. Some people are saying this is over today, some are saying next week, some are saying the end of the month. I need to know what's going on."
"Yes, some people are leaving today. You aren't one of them."
"They would like you until the end of the month."
"Ok, that's fine. Listen, if there is a way for you to pull me off this job if something that is more suited to my skills comes about, I would really appreciate it."
"Well, this is strictly confidential*, but they addressed a desire to hire some of you on as permanents. You were one of those people. Would you be interested in this?"
"If they can be more flexible with my hours and pay more than I'm making now, then I would give it serious consideration.**"
"Ok, well, we'll see what we can come up with."

Yeah, and Volt was worried about me having allot[sic] of jobs. Dipshits. I would say 90% of the temp jobs I have worked have resulted in them expressing desire to hire me on permanent. Because, well, I'm just that damn good. :)

Today was street fair. I worked about 3 hours, but got paid for 4, which was nice. I was so bored. The people working out front really weren't talking with anyone that they didn't know. I really preferred being inside. I asked A if I could maybe work the cut table tomorrow instead of being outside. At least at the cut table I can chat with my former coworkers and be busy. Besides pizzas coming out for the street fair, they started having pizzas come out for various delivery orders that were coming in.

I ran into a former pizza coworker at street fair, he was working security. He was a pretty okay guy, in his 30s and decided that delivering food and working odd jobs was the way for him to go. Whatever floats your boat dude.

Then, had lunch with Mariah at Bob Dobbs. Pretty decent chicken wings. I should have got the cheeseburger. It was tasty. I got a bite.

Headed home, checked the LJ and the emails and then went to work my regular shift. SOOOOO SLOOOOOOW.

Left early, picked up Matt and we headed for the RG. yay for beer and nachos!!!

Ran into Jeff*** at the bar, he is a super at the pizza on 4th. We dished the dirt about the company and stuff. Wowee. I hope I know what I'm getting myself into. That's all I have to say about that.

I'll be at brunch around 9:30 tomorrow since I have to be at street fair around 11. At least I can get one game of Scrabble in before I have to go cut pizzas or some such. If you want to meet with me after street fair, I'll be parked at the bar at 4th having some kilts and perhaps even working on a crossword.


*So, of course, I tell all of you.
**Meaning, I'll keep this job and keep looking for something better to come along.
***Formerly known as Creepy Manager.
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Charlie Brown

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Another day at Street Fair.

It was still slow. I hear the Spring fair is busier, but I don't know if it's really worth it to me (at this time) to sign up for that. We'll see how I feel about it when the time comes.

Need to figure out work stuff.

I don't like having all this in my head, but I really have no way of getting it out. I can't find the words or something.

Loretta is being nuts. But it's cute. Vera is not amused.

I need to stop drinking. At least so much. If I can get up early enough, I may go out for a walk around Reid Park before work. I need to start exercising.