December 13th, 2006

Charlie Brown

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blah blah pants pants bra pants

Actually, I seem to have gotten the non jackasses lately. I even calmed down three people so far. Seriously, they were ready to claim jihad on the stores. Jihad averted.

Loretta is chewing on something, but I don't know what because I can't see her and I honestly don't care right at this second. I feel bad because I haven't been playing with her enough. I guess she'll get plenty of me on christmas day, though.

Walked into pizza job tonight and was greeted by Ray.
"I am so glad to see you."
"Uh. Is that a joke?"
"No. We are fucked."
"Where is everyone?"
"No one showed."
"Wait, who is supervising?"
"You are."

So, I check the delivery screen, sure enough, we're screwed. 3/4 of the deliveries are in the red (meaning 30 minutes or longer since the order has been taken) and there are two drivers not including myself. Shit.

"Ok, I guess I'm working inside."

Clock in and give myself a bank, just in case I need to take a delivery. The other cook, Chelsea, has been doing some supervisory stuff so she can handle things if they go south if I'm on a delivery. And Ray has worked there long enough (off and on) that he knows what to do as well.

I jump on the line and Eric asks me what is going on with the deliveries in the warmer. "It's up to you and Seth, I have to stay in the store tonight."
"All right."

He meanders off and starts loading up. Then I start getting the phone calls, "Where is my pizza??? I'M STARVING!!"

I guess they never heard of hor d'ouvres (sp?)

I wind up granting 2 people $3 off for late delivery, including one to a guy who is a real asshole. I seriously hate delivering to this guy. He lives on Pontatoc road and always orders a small pizza. A SMALL. Thanks for making me have to drive up Swan during rush hour. Jackass. Give him the discount, give that to someone else. Then I get another one calling saying that they have waited all this time blah blah blah and so they get 10% off the next order. Then another one gets 10% off the next order. I swear, some people are easily appeased. Go from one job with bitching people to the next job with bitching people. Happy fucking holidays.

Anyways, Chelsea calls the ham and tells him that Jesse didn't show. She puts me on the phone with him and I confirm that Jesse did not show, nor did he call. At least not to my knowledge. I tell him that I can handle it and he says, "Yeah, but you've never closed before."
"That is very true. Enjoy your party and then, come by at close and show me how to do the paperwork. No big deal. I got it."

He wound up calling the other supervisor to come in and do the closing work. No big deal, we finished it in less than an hour. I had done the credit cards, I knew what to do just from watching the other managers work on that stuff all the times I hung out in the office drinking my beers at 4th. We got it done and were out of there by 11:30.

Need to work on some laundry tomorrow. Hopefully can get that out of the way so I can be ready for weekend of insane work schedule. Pants job needs people to do OT. I'll probably go in early and stay late. That is if I can get some sleep tonight. Oof.
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Eddie Izzard WTF

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There is something terribly wrong at the warehouse when it comes to freaking gift card purchases.

I really wish people would just either go to the store and buy the damn thing or order an e-card.

I got the angriest mofo this morning before my first break. I mean, rude to the damn core. I look up his gift card order and I'm the one who placed the replacement order. So, he still hadn't received it yet. Fine, I transfer him to supervisor's voice mail, not even dealing with this shit.

I get him before my 2nd break in the afternoon. Now he's mister "Hey, how's it going? Listen, I'm having a small issue."


His parting comment..."Thanks. You've been the most helpful person so far."


I wanted to kick small children. Fortunately for them, there were none around at the time.


How was your day?
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