December 17th, 2006

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Damn Winterhaven

Yes, more about Winterhaven.

Last night I had the privilege of taking a delivery up to Sunrise and Swan. No biggie. Except that apartment complex is one of many designed by Satan. Then, since I was already headed up north, I took a delivery going in the Ft. Lowell/Country Club area.

(For those not familiar with this area, I have provided a map:

10th Circle of Hell
10th Circle of Hell

Now, the delivery that I had to make was north of Prince Road. But, in order for me to get to that area, I had to come a little further south to that street named Kleindale. It connects from a street further east towards Country Club. Ok. So, I drive north on Country Club, past Prince Road. Except, the entrance for this complex is not off Country Club as the map would have you believe. For there is a gate there. FOR EXIT ONLY.

The people who gave their address said Ft. Lowell/Country Club. As you can see by the map, that is a full major block away from their actual freaking house. The entrance to their complex is off Prince.


So, finally make it in there. As I'm leaving, I decide to use the Exit Only so that I don't have to do major U-turns or anything like that to get back out to the road. *sigh*

I had to wait for five horse drawn hayride bullshit to pass by before I could go. That was five minutes. Then, I begin creeping along. Trying to dodge people who can't grasp the concept of not walking IN the street, but rather on the side. Did I mention that the place is dark? Yes, you see, Tucson is a dark city because of the astronomy observatories. And what color do a lot of people wear? Black. LOVELY.

Get to about Kleindale after another five minutes and am not even going to attempt to make the left there because there are people strolling along like they have all the time in the world and there is no one else to worry about. Except a poor pizza delivery driver who is trying to get back to her store so that she can deliver more pizza to maybe make some money for the holidays.
As I get past Kleindale (please note, I have NOT made it to Ft. Lowell yet.) I have to stop yet again for pedestrians. This time the cops are there, with reflective vests, unlike dude who stopped traffic for the buggies who is wearing a camo jacket. I wait another five minutes for pedestrians.

At this point, I flip on my CD of Motorhead. I figure, if I have to suffer, then these people are not going to be subject to motherfucking christmas cheer. Nosiree, they are going to get Lemmy full throttle singing about the Ace of Spades, bitches.

That made me feel a little better. I think little children started to cry. I know that they were making the baby Jesus cry.

Finally make it to Ft. Lowell, make the left (after waiting for MORE PEDESTRIANS) to cross (at least it was with the light, not against it) and head back towards the store. I arrive and what do I see?


I hate Winterhaven.
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