December 20th, 2006

Eddie Izzard WTF

stupid nbc

They suspended my internet connection because I uploaded The Office. Through bittorrent.


I finally got it back tonight.

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On to happier subjects

Tuesday night was my first night doing an actual close, not being thrown into it by someone not showing up. SOOOOO SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW.

Seriously. It worked out though, since we only had one driver. I felt kind of bad for him, he made almost as much in mileage as he did in tips. People were cranky. Whereas, tonight, I got a lot of very happy holiday people. Yay!

Plus their pizzas weren't taking over an hour to get to them, that helps.

But, first night supervising was good. Since it was slow, it was a good teaching night. I do my first opening shift on Saturday. Saturday is going to be a long day. I can already feel it in my bones.

I got a pretty good bonus from pizza, more than most employees got. That was nice. :)

Oh, and I think I'm employee of the month.

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