January 21st, 2007



I have been using this Christopher Lowell icon way too much lately. But, there have been quite a few fabulous things.

For example, today was a fairly slow Saturday afternoon, but I still made ok money. I think wearing a tag that says Supervisor gets you higher tips. I don't know what it is, but maybe they think that I had to leave the store to bring them their pizza or some such. So, that works just fine for me. :)

I was congratulated quite a few times this evening on my upcoming advancement. This one chick I really didn't recognize, but she remembered me from when I drove for her store one night almost a year ago. Apparently, I saved their asses during the rush. Even though I only took four deliveries. Go fig. I got to watch someone from corporate go a little too far with their drinking. *raises eyebrow* What's funnier is that this person was very excited to see me come aboard management staff having only met me ONE time and I barely spoke to this person the one time that I met them. Really weird.

I also go to hang out with Char. Yay!!! She got a lovely sandwich and I had soup I hadn't had for years. It was really nice. She was crushing on the dude on the other side of the bar, until we realized he only tipped $1.25 on a $9 order. That was including an alcholic beverage. Seriously, at least $3 on that shit. Come on man. The bartender was laughing with us, though. He got a good tip out of me. :)

Today was a good day. Tomorrow is potatoes and coffee and super scrabble and happiness. I love all you guys. And I would say it even if I wasn't drunk. :) :) :) :)
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