January 30th, 2007

Draft Beer

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I like beer.

I can't believe I still know most of the words to "Chattahoochee" by Alan Jackson. That's a little sad.

Nice end to a day of paperwork training.
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The next fetish ball is in Tempe. Guess I'll be skipping that one. I probably have to work that night anyways. :)

So, I pulled a 12 hour shift today. That was even more exciting than the knowledge that I don't get to go to the February Fetish Ball. Opening guy called out sick so I got called in and then got to do closing driver duties. YAY! I asked the other driver if he would close for me, and he said, "No, I have to close tomorrow." :|

So do I. Asshole.

So not doing dishes for him.

Tips were pretty chintzy tonight, too. Then again, I only took 9 deliveries. Soooo slow.

I'm getting better at tossing dough, though. That makes me happy. That and getting to see some of Blazing Saddles today while I was tossing the dough. That was the added bonus.

I'm really tired, but I don't feel the need to go to bed yet. I'm reverting back to my nocturnal tendencies. This is slightly troublesome.

I can't wait for Anne to come visit. Yay!
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