February 22nd, 2007

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Work. What can I say? It was work. Although, the new cook I hired is a little cutie patootie. I was amused by his choice for a sign in ID number. I think he was a little shocked that I knew what he was getting at by his choice. hehehehe I may be old, sonny jim, but I'm hep to the kids and their uhhh...whatever.

Anyways. Got to watch The Office and Scrubs tonight. Fantastico. Unfortunately, I was slightly distracted through most of scrubs, so I'll have to watch it somewhere online. I'm ok with that, however. Then I headed over to Epic to watch Brian perform. Excellent job on Purple Rain. I'm quite excited to hear him play at The Screening Room in a few weeks. And with all the money he makes, he can buy us copious amounts of beer to thank us for supporting him in his effort to become a Tucson music legend.

In other news, thanks to justjay, I have rediscovered a song she posted a while ago. Until I can find it again to let you all have a listen, here are the lyrics.

Collapse )

I love the tingle line. :)

Anynoodles. Tomorrow is my long day. Also, 3/1, Saint Rorsharchahahararch is playing at Plush. You should go. They are cool. I just always forget how to spell their name, hence my insane spelling above.
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