March 8th, 2007

Sidney Nose

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Oh why the hell not.

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In other news, evaluation went well. I have done a good job over the past 6 days. Whew.

I did training tonight of two supervisors to teach them how to close. Not too bad. They've both done this sort of thing before, it's a just a matter of teaching them how we do it for this company. I'm teaching the other one how to open tomorrow. Yes, a close and then open shift. I don't like them much, but sometimes you have to pay the piper to go out and have a little fun.

And with the exception of a crappy waiter and just "eh" food, last night's dinner was pretty fun. I do feel bad that it wasn't as good as it should have been. Plush was much more fun than the restaurant. I truly enjoyed those Kiltlifters. Mmmm.

I would have enjoyed my sleeping in a bit more today if I hadn't gotten so many freaking phone calls. Apparently the closer last night fucked up quite a bit. Like not doing a produce order. Then there was someone who told a customer to call back in the morning to place their $200 order.

Um, no. You take the order then and do a deferment on it. Ta-da! That was fairly infuriating. Especially when you walk in and don't realize that you have a $200 order waiting for you in the morning.

I have found some serenity. I like it. I just need to make sure it sticks around for a while.
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