March 27th, 2007


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Said goodbye to a good friend on Sunday. You'll be great on the east coast, I just know it. *hug*

I'm finally getting over the Vegas Prison Bitch Plague(TM), but I gave it to my day driver. I'll be covering the rest of her shift in about an hour. Me = terrible.

I've been rereading the harry potter lately. I sometimes wish I lived in that little realm of magic and intrigue.

Loretta is watching the birds outside and Vera is watching Loretta. So fuzzy and cute.

Ok, quick nap before work.
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The cleaning project continues at work. I rearranged the back room a bit. Put the sodas in order and put one of the twins in charge of yelling at people to keep it clean and organized. She's such a good little minion.

I'm getting some things moving forward and need to go talk to the financial person tomorrow about my February P&L statement. I'm slightly confused and would like her to walk through it with me.

Then I get to have lunch with April (YAY!) and then I get to go to the bank and ask about a home equity loan. I have medical people calling me for money, need to pay some other people back and need to get my shit straight so I can have a nice low monthly payment with tax deductible interest.

Soon I'll be able to actually organize my house. I can't wait.
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