May 2nd, 2007

Charlie Brown

(no subject)

Wow, I feel tons better this morning. I managed to break whatever fever I had going on, so that was good. I checked my bank account, I'm $100 in the hole. Yay! *sigh* It never freaking ends, does it?

So far, the morning hasn't been going so well. I messed up in making my cream of wheat, so I moved on to some noodles in a box. They were disgusting. No breakfast for me. I don't think my stomach can handle it anyways. I'll just stick with my mint tea.

Today is my fantabulous day off. A crossword is calling my name. And I have to go into work tonight to get the order done. And fix the schedule. I somehow missed someone asking for a day off, but I have a feeling it was put up there after I had already made the schedule. I forgot to cross the days off.

I just realized something. This is the first time since I've moved here that my bank account is in the negative. Huh. I guess that's a good thing. Or something.

Ok, off to figure out what to do with today.