May 7th, 2007

Bob Ross

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It's 1:30 a.m.

I just finished watching Spiderman 3 (thanks pir8tz) and Stranger than Fiction (again, a nod to the pir8tz).

Uh, I spent most of Spiderman snickering. Didn't cry.

Stranger than Fiction, however, got me again. It's the last two minutes of the movie that just make me do the girly weepy eyed thing. Definitely a movie that is to be added to the DVD collection.

I think now I should get some sleep.
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Bucky Poet

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I didn't make it to the guy's hearing today. That is kinda sad. Oh well. I *finally* got all my paperwork done today. I managed to get the schedule done before 4 p.m. That's quite an accomplishment for me. I also had to do my P&L comparison. That kind of blew. Near the end I was just making shit up so I could get out of there. I did an open/close. Yay!

My opening supervisor called out sick this morning. Which turned out to be fine since there was NOTHING going on today. Really bad day. Really slow day. So ridiculous. Started a new driver tonight, he did a great job. I only had to take one delivery and so did the cook. Kid wound up taking 17 on his own. Awesome job. Nothing was too late. So that's good.

One of my cooks called in late because she was at a movie this afternoon. Uhhh...what? When she came in I asked her how the movie was. She said it was ok.
"That's good. I would suggest in the future you not call in late due to going to the movies."

*shakes head*

Ok, I need to watch a little Eddie to wind down, eat some ice cream and get ready for my meeting tomorrow. Yay!
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