May 29th, 2007

Running Guy

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The knee looks a little better today. I kept it iced during my morning meeting, and that seemed to help quite a bit. After I move around for about five minutes it loosens up and I can walk almost normal. It's sitting down to go to the bathroom that really sucks. :)

I filled out an accident report and if I need to go to the doctor, then it's covered. I think if it worsens over the week, then I'll go. But, I sprayed it with that bactene type stuff at work, kept it covered for the rest of my shift (didn't want to scare any customers) and then when I got home, washed it out with soap and followed up with a peroxide bath. Hurt like a bitch, that one did.

I'll be fine, April, just fine. :) Besides, money isn't too big of an issue, it would be workmen's comp paying for the doctor's visit. :)
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