June 3rd, 2007

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After a much deserved day off yesterday in which I cleaned the apartment (THANKS APRIL!), got some stuff at the Target and had some yummy Chinese food, I returned to work this morning.

I took my last $3 and bought myself an iced chai latte at Coffee Times on Speedway. This little drive thru place that has probably the cheapest decent coffee in town. Seriously. I can get a triple shot 20 oz latte for less than $4. Try getting that anywhere else. And it's TASTY!!

Anyways, I got to work and recounted the till about four times. I kept coming up $25 over. I decided to let C count it for me when she got in. I puttered around setting the store up for the day and noticed a deferred order for tomorrow. For $260. Out of our delivery area. *sigh* I was going to call 4th Avenue and transfer it all over to them, but decided, "Screw it. We need the sales and not much happens on a Monday morning anyways. It'll be good for us. And D won't mind driving two lights out of our area." Turns out M felt the same way and even cleared it with D to make sure he was cool with it. He was, he knows he'll probably get at least $20 out of the order. Good man.

C arrived, about a half hour late, as I was, so I couldn't really throw stones. We both agreed that neither of us wanted to be there today. We joked about how we should have both called in sick. I took an order for a delivery about 11:15 a.m. and waited for my day driver to show. 11 came and went and nothing. I told C I would be back, since I had to take it when the day driver called. His girlfriend was in a car accident last night and he was up with her all night at the hospital. I told him not to worry, take the day off, rest and be with your lady. I can cover the shift.

I feel a little bad about this. I had been saying to myself recently, "I need a couple of driving shifts, I need some extra cash." And then this happens. Oops.

Anyways, I wound up spending most of the afternoon on the road. I didn't get done half the things that I wanted to get done at the store, but that's ok. I'll try and get some of it done tomorrow and Wednesday. I can only assume that things went fine this evening as I haven't received any phone calls on the contrary. Let's hope all was well and that the store is still standing in the morning.

I'm glad I had yesterday off. I really needed to not go anywhere near work. I managed to stay away from both my store and 4th Ave. That is a good thing. When I got home, I ate some dinner and tended to my knee after my shower.
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Anyways, I'm glad my house is cleaner, my kitties have some new toys which they have promptly abandoned. Of course. And I am relaxing for another half hour before I away myself to bed to begin another long day tomorrow.

Oh, and I switched shifts for Wednesday, so I can go to the RG and drink beer and play Scrabble or crosswords or whatever. :) :) :)
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