June 9th, 2007

Sam Waterston

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I just felt the need to use that icon for this post. I really just want Sam to look at me while I type. Naked.

I have a nightgown on. And goggles. It's ok. I'm being safe.

Don't ask.

Anyways. Did some doorhanging this morning and got the weirdest sunburn on my chest. From the bag I was carrying around holding the doorhangers. And water. Lots of water. I walked around for two hours. My thighs were a little sore afterwards. I had forgotten how draining the sunshine can be, even at 9 in the morning. When I got home I laid down for what I thought would be an hour. Next thing I know I'm late for my 4 p.m. shift at the store. Oops.

Got to work and there was absolutely no need for me to be there. At all. Soooo slow for a Saturday night. Don't get me wrong, it was fairly steady, it was just really freaking slow. Much slower than it should be. I had hoped that the phones would explode with orders from the people that we hit today with the hangers. Maybe later in the week. Perhaps they already had their plans ready for their Saturday evening feasts.

Tomorrow will probably be more of the same. But, I'm all caught up on paperwork and I am ready to book out of there at 4 p.m. on Monday afternoon.

I'm so boring. I really need a hobby.
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