June 14th, 2007

Eddie Izzard WTF

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I just watched Sicko. The new Michael Moore movie.

I just want to know how they were able to go to Cuba and not get in trouble.

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Early Birthday

You know that you are getting older when birthday presents are received that are fairly unorthodox. I received one of those today and I am fabulously happy with it. I'm sitting here reading the instructions for it and putting it all together. I'm going to go use it in a few minutes. Hold please...

I like it. I didn't know that much crap was in there. :)

Oh, and it's not my birthday for two more months, but we had to make sure the thing worked before the 30 days was up.

In other news. Tonight's shift was ok. It was pretty busy for a while, especially since one of my drivers was over an hour late. If he had shown up on time, things wouldn't have gotten so backed up. We got everything out on time though, so that's good.

Long day tomorrow. I can feel it already.
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