June 15th, 2007

Charlie Brown

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I played with puppies today. Took a large Rottweiler out for a walk and a hyper mutt type puppy. It was nice to play with the puppies. Loretta is very interested in the smells on my jeans. "Ooooh what's that smell? Can I have it?"
If I had time and room and didn't have Vera who would kill me for bringing in yet another animal, I would be happy to foster a dog or cat. There was a litter there that had been bottle fed since they were itty bitty babies. So cute!! All fuzzy and stuff.

I filled out a volunteer application. I'll probably go on one of the Sundays or two Fridays away. Need to see how I can work out a schedule for that. Just walk the dogs and let people play with them. Hopefully, there won't be poo issues like there were today. I don't know if I could handle that. *shudder*

Today is the first day for Tucson Summer Pro League. You should go catch a game. Buy a slice of pizza. Have a good time. :)
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