June 19th, 2007

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To clarify the CVS post from last night. I bought some hair dye for $2.50. Love the clearance section. I didn't buy it to cover the grays that have been popping up. I have earned every one of those things. I actually quite like them.

No, I bought it because it was $2.50 and who doesn't like a change every now and again? Well, I either didn't use enough, or it just wasn't gonna work too well. It's some reddish color. I just have a reddish tinge to my hair now. About what it would look like after a summer in the sunshine. I just accomplished it much quicker and without the sweating. If you look closely, you can see it, otherwise, you can't. Oh well. It was a way to spend a Monday night instead of doing laundry. :)

Lots of work to do this week. Good times.
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Tom Tancredo

I was listening to NPR this afternoon, like the good little liberal that I am, and they were interviewing Tom Tancredo, one of the many GOP candidates for the presidency. Oy vey. Seriously.

Don't get me wrong, I am willing to listen to anyone and if they make some sense, I'll pay even more attention and maybe even find myself nodding along. Like that one guy. He looks almost like Ross Perot, very Libertarian (or a true Conservative as he puts it) who has some pretty good ideas. Some of them I don't agree with and some of them I do.

Moving on.

So, Tancredo is talking and a few people are chosen to ask questions. His platform is illegal immigration. Ok. One of the callers called him xenophobic, and I think he was pretty close to the truth there. What got me was this story that he told. I'm going to try and transcribe this as close to the original as possible. He's talking about having a single language because it holds us together. It's the glue. Because we are so diverse.

A lady that was working on my campaign was talking to another lady and I overheard her and I asked her to write it out. She was in a walmart store in Monterry, CA. She was looking for some crew socks. Because of the word "crew" before socks, it was hard to hard understand what she was looking for, no one understood because they didn't speak the language. She went from person to person and finally there was a black lady who was stocking the shelves. She overheard this lady trying to find the item. She got down off the ladder and walked her to where the socks were. She said to the lady, 'I always knew something would bring us together. Who knew it would be language?'"

Ok. I have so many problems with this story. The biggest one being, the only reason you have been "brought together" is because you are joining forces against the new wave of people who are different than you. That's not true "joining". It's not true joining because otherwise, if this wasn't there for you to "fight" you would still have absolutely no reason to talk to each other. I highly doubt that if you bumped into each other a week later at the grocery store you would start chatting about family life and invite one or the other over for dinner. That's not bringing anyone together. That's sharing a moment of frustration at not being able to find the god damn socks in a Wal-Mart. And if you can't find the fucking socks in a Wal-Mart you probably shouldn't be procreating. Here's a tip: they are in the section marked "HOSIERY" or "SOCKS". Usually near underwear. That's listed under "LINGERIE".

Anyways. I feel kind of bad for the guy. He's like the kid who no one likes who still runs for class President. And then is surprised that he lost. But, then I read something about one of his campaign people who was recently outed in the Savage Love column. I didn't realize that Tancredo was being backed by Bay Buchanan. I despise Bay Buchanan. Despise. I went to see her speak once. She came to FSU and honestly, I felt so dirty afterwards. It was just amazing to me that here she is on a college campus that was about 55% female telling us that we really shouldn't be taking on roles other than mother and wife. Excuse me? Yes, I'm sure that there were a few women there just trying to get their MRS degree, but for the most part, we were there for an education and a life of self-sufficiency so we wouldn't have to RELY on a man to take care of our physical needs (shelter, food, clothing). After that talk, I have had nothing but utter contempt for that woman.

I've meandered a bit. On to other things. Work was okay tonight. I had almost forgotten about bowling and RG tomorrow night and agreed to switch shifts with M. Then I remembered and told her I couldn't do it. She needed to get her check cashed, yadda yadda. So, she's meeting me at the store, I'm clocking out and we are going to get the checks and what not. That way she can get her check cashed and it's all good. Ta da! I still get an evening of fun and merriment and tomfoolery and she gets her money.

C did a good job tonight. Then again, it was slow as all hell, which is just her speed. :) She was pretty funny with the message this evening. If you listen really closely, you can hear her say, "Oh fuck!" when she read something she didn't need to read into the machine. Heheheh. You can hear me cracking up in the background. Her next training isn't until next week. Her last day shift training is tomorrow. I may be hiding or cleaning tomorrow and letting her run things. Should be a good time. I hope the week picks up, we haven't even made $2k this week. That's ridiculous.
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