July 10th, 2007

The Office Head Desk

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You wouldn't even believe half of what has happened in the last 36 hours. I'll update once I get home in AIR CONDITIONING and get all this fucking flour off my person.

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The Office Head Desk

Here comes the drama

First, the good news. Mom is fine. No infections found. She had some screws loose (ba dum bum bum) in her back, so they removed them. I guess because they were loose they were causing a lot more problems like making her legs go numb and stuff. Weird. But, it seems that the tissues that they put into her have taken quite nicely. Yay for mom. I'm going to call her tomorrow to make sure that she's doing swell.

So, let's see. Yesterday. Started training a new guy, he's catching on really fast, already making great pizzas, they look fabulous, starting to learn the computer system. We should have him ready on the phones by the end of the week. I wish everyone learned this quickly. Because I was training I didn't really have time to get to my paperwork. No matter, I figured, as soon as the closing supervisor comes in I'll lock myself in the office and get it all taken care of. Oh, what's that? No, sorry, J calls and says that he can't work because he's stuck watching his girlfriend's kids. Ok. I call C, she says that she will come in. Awesome. Then my closing cook goes and throws his back out. Oops. He was having a really bad spasm. Either he's a really good actor or he knows how to fight back tears REALLY well. Poor guy. If it is one thing that I am VERY sympathetic to, it is back pain.

So, ok, no problem. I can get paperwork in during lulls in business and let C run the show with the two drivers. They both know how to cook, so it's all good. No go. We weren't slammed, but it was just steady enough all at once that we got backed up pretty badly. That really got me. Then M calls, my other supervisor. She can't come in in the morning because she's in Sierra Vista. Crap. C says that she will come pick her up after she gets off work. Fantastic. That all gets squared away and we close up shop for the night. I managed, somehow, to finish everything but the schedule. I finished that today. It's terrible. Absolutely terrible, but I have managed to schedule two days off for myself. My Saturday for reading Harry Potter 7 and Wednesday just for the hell of it.

C decides that she will drive, and that's fine with me since I don't really feel like spending the gas or the energy driving. As she's backing out, she hits my car. Hard. She drives a Volvo and I drive a vehicle made by Rubbermaid(TM). I need about $2K worth of body work on the car. I filed a claim through my insurance, just need to pay the $250 deductible. It is considered a hit and run in my book. Done deal. C will pay the deductible and if I need a rental, she said she can cover that, too. We'll see. I may not need one. I hope I don't need one. I think I should be able to manage. And maybe I'll just ride the bus. *gulp*

The car goes in the shop on Monday. That gives me time to get a working schedule together for getting to and from work. Yay!

This is the best tidbit of the past 36 hours. The driver that did me wrong on Friday, well, it turns out that one of my cooks saw his picture on the local news here as one of Tucson's Most Wanted. I can't find any pictures of him anywhere or find anything on his name. I also can't remember the site to look up records, if lunarcamel or footnotefetish could point me in the right direction of that site, that would be great. Anyways, he's gone missing. No calls, no nothing. Not even word from his girlfriend and his paycheck is still sitting on my desk. I'll be taking that to corporate as soon as possible. We figure he's either skipped town OR is in custody. During our discussion of this today, one of my cooks was awed to hear that I have never been in jail. I looked at him curiously and wondered why this was such a shock? Is it because I have a reputation of throwing people over buildings?

Oh, and then the less exciting thing, but still exciting in its own right...I have a new keyboard in the office. The old one finally stopped registering the A, D and number pad Enter key. My new keyboard is shiny and lovely and I love it.

But, a different exciting thing is that I have my ticket to see Harry Potter 5 tomorrow afternoon at 1:15 p.m. at El Con in the digital format. I am so awesome. I left a note at work that I will be unavailable by phone from 12:30-4:30 tomorrow afternoon. I HAVE FOUR HOURS OF NO INTERRUPTIONS AND HARRY POTTER GOODNESS!! Yay for me!
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