July 11th, 2007

Harry Potter Cake or Death from <lj user

I love a day off

I shut off my phone and took my printed ticket to the movie theater where I proceeded to spend $11 on a soda, small popcorn and Reese's Pieces. Seriously. $11. Found my seat, right in the middle, where I love to watch movies. I settled in. Read and reread the movie trivia nonsense that they play. I arrived very early figuring it would be insanely busy and I would have to stand in line, but I didn't. So, of course, the popcorn and candy were done before the movie actually began. But that's ok.

There was a boy behind me who kept humming and singing. I was ready to smack him, but he stopped when the opening credits started. He's lucky he stopped. Don't fuck with me when I'm watching some Harry Potter.

I liked it. Snape was groovy, the girl playing Luna Lovegood was fantastically cast, Helena Bonham Carter was awesome. Fight scenes were intense and full of CGI, but the CGI wasn't distracting at all in this movie. It was like it was just another actor. I think they finally were able to find a happy balance with effects and the acting. Emma Watson wasn't as nervous in this one as she was in #4. The last movie I wanted to strangle her, in this one she seemed relaxed with just the right bit of tension. She's getting better! Everyone got a haircut, which was nice, because the long hair stuff was starting to get a little dated. I think they should have had a bit more of Tonks in the movie, but her role wasn't as prominent in this one as it was in the books. Quite a bit changed, but not too much, from the books.

I think this may be the best Harry Potter movie yet.
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