July 12th, 2007

Draft Beer

my day off part 2

I had a sweaty nap before going to the RG this evening for beers, nachos and hanging out. Also, Uno(TM).

Met Mr. TAB FINALLY. Not at all what I was envisioning, but not a disappointment either. Seems like a nice guy, enjoyed the jokes we were lobbing back and forth at each other. Was offered a sample of cookie baking later in the evening, but having to work and drive myself home, I declined the offer. I did go have another beer, though.

Talked to mom earlier today, she's doing ok. She's enjoying the morphine pump, that's for damn sure. I love talking to her when she's groovin' on the morphine. She's hilarious. I called right before she hit the pump again, so the conversation was completely coherent. My godmother was there, so I chatted with her a bit and got caught up with what's going on in her life. Good times.

It's very hot right now. This makes me upset. I like my house to be cool, but i don't like paying the freaking electric bill. Also, my fan in my living room decided to explode, so I am short a fan. I'll have to take one of my days off next week and install the ceiling fan that i bought MONTHS ago in my bedroom. That way I can use the bedroom fan out here. So much to do!

I really don't want to work tomorrow. But, I am happy with the realization that there was ONE phone call in 1 1/2 days of my not being there. Of course, I found out that one of my drivers pitched a hissy on the front lawn of a customer's house. Fantastic. I'll get the full story from him tomorrow and then see if I need to write up Mr. Charisma for lack of claiming tips. I am not looking forward to that. At all.
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