July 16th, 2007

Satchel Sigh

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So broke right now. Isn't it awesome. Pay day is just teasing me, really. All that money is right back out the window as soon as it comes in.

Took the car into the shop today, they are now saying SIX days instead of FOUR. This annoys me. Got a ride to Enterprise (they picked me up!) and am now driving a shitty Ford Focus. I can't really describe how much I dislike this car. The only positive thing I can say about it, besides it having a/c, is that it's a little easier for me to get in and out of. That's about it.

The driver that went missing and then came back again? He's gone again. He got into trouble AGAIN the night before he was supposed to open driver. I told him that right now, I couldn't have him working there since his situation is so unreliable. When he gets his legal issues straightened out, I would be happy to rehire him if I have the hours.

I ran into a girl I used to work with at the pants job, she's looking for a part time gig. I'll be calling her tomorrow night to see if she'd be interested in starting maybe next week training and what not to be a driver. Yay! That covers M leaving on 8/2. I'm gonna miss that SOB. He's a pain in the ass, but he's good at his job. And he closed every weekend. That was a nice thing to count on.

I'm feeling an itch for a new experience. It's not the moving itch. Yet. That's probably gonna kick in about two years from now. Especially if I still feel like I'm stagnating.
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