July 17th, 2007

Monty Python

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barely made it on time for my meeting this morning. I sat through most of it, looking at the numbers and feeling slightly depressed at the sales slump for the store. Especially seeing that even though it's ridiculously slow right now all around, one of the store surpassed projected sales and was lower than their targeted labor. kudos for him, and all, but it just sucks dough balls for moi.

Found out one of the GMs is leaving, taking a job in Casa Grande. Another GM is moving into his store and they are hiring outside for the takeover for the other store. It's a chick. I hope she doesn't kick my ass. :) I was kind of liking being the only female manager. It had a certain novelty to it. Like, I'm the only woman, woman enough to take this job. I do hope she does well, though. That will help us all out.

Then, near the end of the meeting, they started talking about having fun. This used to be a fun place to work, etc etc etc. Yet, I remember meetings from when I first started in this position about how everyone was playing around too much, etc etc. So, they decided to have some games. The first game was a search a word. I won. $25. yay!
Second game was a crossword puzzle. Yes, I won that one, too. I even stopped for a few minutes to let others catch up. :) Another $25.
Rock Paper Scissors was the next game. I *almost* made it to the final round. Damn paper.
Paper airplane was the last game. I totally tanked on that one. But, the $50 came at a nice time. I really needed it. Especially since I needed to buy TP. So, I now have TP and I got myself a little bit of lunch at Safeway and now I'm home and I shall nap. I am going to revamp my schedule for next week. I forgot to schedule the oven cleaning. Duh. I'm also throwing in some doorhanging shifts. People who want some hours are going to be happy to have those shifts, I can only assume. I'll probably give two of the shifts to this one guy who has like NO hours for this week. We'll see.

I think, once I have the car paid off (2 more payments) I will take Bryan's idea and go on a road trip. I miss taking them with Heather. Just driving for the sake of driving. Maybe I'll take a few days off and go see the Grand Canyon. Finally. Or, maybe go see Route 66. That's in Flagstaff, if I'm not mistaken.

But, for now, I need a nap.
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Bob Ross

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My nap was pretty good today. I had a recurring dream, but I don't quite remember it. It was like a sitcom type dream. I shit you not, there was a laugh track. It was interrupted by a phone call from Enterprise asking how I was enjoying the car. I said, "Fine."
"I notice some hesitation there, is everything ok?"
"It's fine. I was just in the middle of a nap is all."
"Oh! I'm sorry. Ok then. We'll talk to you later."

*shakes head*

I realized after I woke up later that I probably seem like some sort of weirdo sleeping at 2 in the afternoon. Then again, I was closing tonight and that's why I wanted the nap.

Speaking of being awake. I stopped at my favorite drive thru place to get a coffee. A nice hot Power Coffee. Yum! Except. THERE ARE NO FUCKING CUPHOLDERS IN THE FORD FOCUS. At least not that I could use for this cup. There are two holders near the front under the radio. Except, that they are HUGE and not fully enclosed. If I had put the coffee in there, it would have spilled all over my legs. Yeah, that would have been awesome. Stupid car. I'm going to take the insurance off tomorrow. I told C that I would cover the insurance on it if she just covered the rest of the cost. She's being good about everything, then again, she better be! :)

It was a pretty steady night, but not really busy at all, although we did triple the business that day shift did, so that's nice. Nice big $300 order tomorrow, that will help sales out a lot. I'm headed out with the 'Tron to go to some businesses and neighborhoods and doorhang and drop off menus and what not. Just a couple of hours, maybe a nice iced tea afterwards. Salad? Who knows?

It's funny, I've been a little happier today than I have been in a while, I don't know if that game time came at the right time for me or what, but I'm glad I'm in a better mood. I *may* even take away some HP time on Saturday to go to the basketball game for summer pro league. Char, you wanna come with? I think it's at 2, let me know tomorrow so I can call A and have him get us some VIP tix.

I think I've rambled on too long for this post to be read by anyone. Good night!
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