July 24th, 2007


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Talked to my bosses today about Mr. Charisma. They kept saying that he was getting exactly what he wanted, me being upset, that I was taking it personally, etc. I had to keep repeating to them, "I am not upset. I am not in an uproar. I find it amusing that he thinks he is getting one over on me and can't keep his mouth shut."
"Don't get mad about this."
"I'm not mad, I am asking for your advice on how to handle the situation so that the rest of my staff isn't inconvenienced by his stupidity."

They didn't believe me. *sigh*

Seriously, I am not mad. This is great news. I won't have to deal with this guy anymore. yay!

So, I am hiring, hopefully, two new drivers this week and having them start next week. I'll pencil them in onto shifts and then add them to the new schedule for the week after. Of course, his shifts upon his (possible) return will be drastically cut and won't be for anything necessary like opening or closing. More like an evening mid shift. Hehehehe. Why? Oh, well, I'm training new drivers. That's why. And, well, your schedule really isn't conducive to this store anymore, so I'm only putting you in where I need you.

Of course, that's if we get this far. You see, tomorrow morning there is a huge order to this one place down on the south side. They want it by 10:45. It's a huge tip as well. I know from experience that none of the cooks (which would be Miss in this case) would see any part of that tip even though they busted ass making that order to get out on time. So, I'm taking it. Besides, I'll have to leave before he is scheduled to come in so it gets there on time, so no harm no foul on that one. I'll be splitting the tip right down the middle with Miss. Here is the great part. He will, of course, not be in proper uniform. Shirt may be tucked in, name tag probably won't be on and hat will be on backwards. So, when I get back from this delivery, probably around 11:15 or so and come in and he's not in uniform I can say, "You do know that there is a uniform policy here, right?"
"Ok, well, I'm going to need you to clock out since you aren't in uniform. You weren't in uniform Monday night either. I'm tired of repeating myself. So, clock off and go home."
And I'll just be the driver tomorrow afternoon. It sucks, but hey, it'll get him out of here a lot faster. And if I have to redo the schedule if he decides to quit, so be it. Not a loss after all, he's a pain in the ass and he needs to go.

Again, I am amused. I am not angry. The only thing that annoyed me was his statement of how I got my job, otherwise, I find this whole situation funny as all get out.

I am also amused at the kitties right now. They are both all stretched out and sleepylike. :)
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