July 28th, 2007

Cactus Weiner

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Took a drive up AZ SR 77 today with Char. It was raining most of the time we were in the car, so I didn't get much chance to work on my right arm tan. No matter. We went up to Biosphere 2 only to see that it was $20 to get in. I think that's a bit much. At least for a somewhat spur of the moment trip. Did I mention it was pouring down rain when we went to get inside to see how much admission was? Yeah, it was. We were both soaked to the bone. Luckily, we both wore darker colored clothing :)

Kept driving north and went into Oracle. Uh, there wasn't much there. So, we kept driving. We were looking for a place to eat. A nice non-Mexican food hole in the wall that took Visa. Upon arrival in Mammoth we stopped for gas. Not only was it a gas station, it was also dvd rentals, 99 cent store, deli, pizzeria and snacky type foods. I'm sure there were other things going on in this one building, but I just couldn't focus on all of them. Crazy. We hopped back in the car and I was looking at the atlas trying to decide if we should hop off the main road or just keep going. We both knew we didn't want to go to Globe, but, that was about all we knew. The atlas wasn't much help, but she had a map of Phoenix and Central Arizona and it highlighted some ghost towns. I thought that would be interesting to go through, so I figured I would just let my instincts guide us to where these ghost towns could possibly be.

We began our approach to a bridge and I noticed that there were some cars pulled over. I looked ahead and said, "Oh shit. I don't think we want to go through that."

There was water flowing over the bridge. At the time, I didn't know that it was a bridge, I just figured it was some sort of decorative guard railing or something.

The water was moving crazy fast, completely muddy. We saw an entire tree moving along. Crazy. The cops finally got us all moved quite a ways back from everything as the water was starting to come over the bridge more and more. Good times in nature, oh yea. :)
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