August 2nd, 2007


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Man, people will bitch about ANYTHING.

First, it was that LJ wasn't available for 7 hours. OH NOES!
Ok, so LJ says, "Here, have 3 days free time from us."

That brings in the set of whiners who now have permanent accounts WHAT ABOUT ME? WAAAAAAAHHHHH I HAVE UNLIMITED TIME AND I WANT MORE! OR A VIRTUAL GIFT! WAAAAAAHHHH!!

And if that's not enough, oh wait, it gets better. Ready? People are bitching that it's free time IF YOU WANT IT. You have to go click and go get it yourself! OH MY GOD! I HAVE TO CLICK ONCE OR TWICE?!?!?!?!!!!! IT SHOULD BE AUTOMATIC!!

seriously, people, shut the fuck up. If you want it, great, if you don't, fantastic. I am always amused at the thousands of comments on the news posts. It makes me wonder if LJKrissy has that account only for posting in the news section OR has her email notification turned off when posting there. Poor person.

anyways, blah blah work blah blah scrabble blah blah cafe blah blah blah.

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