August 11th, 2007

Charlie Brown


One of my drivers was stuck in a wash last night. Good times. This meant that the delicately design of the schedule fell completely apart. *watches everything crumble*

What sucks is that it wasn't even that busy, it was the fact that these deliveries were so all over the place that this one delay ruined everything. Orders wound up being discounted and comped because it took so long to get there. Even though it wasn't technically our's our fault.

So, because this driver's car is next to a wash, I get to be here on my day off doing the day shift because, well, i have no other drivers. I have an application in front of me for a driver, and I think I'll be giving her a call on Monday. The week has been so shitty for sales that I'm ready to cry and I can't get my fucking closing supervisor to do his fucking job properly. I didn't know it was that hard to fill out a god damn journal at the end of the night. "Things went bad. I comped this. Mr. X didn't show so we called in Mr. Q." THAT IS ALL I'M TALKING ABOUT PEOPLE.

Sorry. I'm just in a foul mood because I am working on my fucking day off.

Later on in the day, I will talk about the pretty fabulous evening I had after the whole stuck in a wash debacle.
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Cactus Weiner

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I had a nice evening out last night meeting two fabulous young men. They bought me and a friend drinks, but when we heard the bar tab, we kicked in some money towards the tab, even if they just used it for a tip. Anyways, they were fabulous and it was nice to have some new blood around and they were just pleasant to talk to. I didn't talk about work much, which was nice, but we did spend a bit of the evening wondering where Braxton had got to. That silly Braxton. :)

Driving today was eh. I'm just watching money flow out of the store and it makes me sad. Ok, no, it pisses me off. Sometimes I wonder if I made a mistake taking this job. Should I have just stayed at the level I was at and just working another job. Waiting for a great job to come my way. Funnily enough, most of the broadcast companies around here are searching for promotions directors. How do you like that? I think I'm just holding out for the payoff on this job. I wonder if I'll be waiting forever.

I was called a babe today. I don't know how I feel about that given that the man it came from was a customer, only tipped $2 and couldn't be bothered to make sure he had the freaking house phone with him so that I could call from the gate and be buzzed in. Yeah, I'm gonna trust your judgment on who is attractive and who isn't.

Sorry, I'm just really kind of down today. All the plans I had made for the day...poof. I am thinking of stickers for the new laptop. I think I may meet some people for dinner. I don't know if I'll be going out tonight, probably not. I need to get laundry done. Badly. VERY BADLY.

And sleep. Lots of sleep.

I was reading seeing if someone i knew from the class after me had put his name up, and I don't see him there. and, i came across my name and wanted to see what was visible. I like what i wrote: Moved. Moved far far away. Starting a new life is awesome.

And it is. I'm just waiting for the major awesomeness to kick in. :)
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