November 6th, 2007

Charlie Brown

Kitty Conspiracy

I think the cats are plotting against me. Or they are intervening with my out of control spending. Kitty interventions?

I can't find my checkcard or my new library card. I had them both on the couch on Tuesday afternoon after I came back from the library with my brand new card. I don't know why I had my checkcard with me as I had $0 in my account (actually I had negative dollars), but for whatever reason I did. So, I got home, dumped my stuff on the couch and sat down to watch the DVDs I checked out.

I now can not find my freaking cards. This is driving me crazy. I need to do an all out search but haven't really had the time. I was at work (where I am right now) from 9a-11p yesterday and then had my meeting this morning and then had to close this evening. I have tomorrow off, which is nice. I'll be watching V for Vendetta, eating pizza (probably not much as, seriously, can I truly eat anymore?) and drinking beer. I love beer. Then I have to open on Thursday, but that's ok. I have a nice comfy day off. I may not answer the phone if work calls, I'll just let it go to voicemail. I'm sure they can figure shit out.

I'm working through my personal stuff right now, and I think I'm moving somewhat ahead, but it's a long hard road. Oh, and I only have 6k words for nanowrimo right now, but I'll be doing some writing tomorrow. Yay for writing!

Ok, need to get home so I can flop on the bed and see if I can Vulcan mindmeld with the cats and figure out what the hell they did with my shit.
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