December 8th, 2007

Charlie Brown

Dear Santa

I would like, for Christmas, a store where things don't break down every day. I think I've been a very good girl this year, and I also think that my friends could vouch for my goodness. Could you give it some thought, please?

Also, a soda fountain would be nice. My employees really shouldn't have to buy their drinks while working in a restaurant.

Many hugs and pizzas,


P.S. Get yourself something nice, too. And I'll leave a nice, warm cheese pizza in the warmer at the store for you on Christmas Eve.
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Charlie Brown

Fun Meme Time

Stolen from porcelain_72:

Go to the Wikipedia home page and click random article. That is your band's name.
Click random article again; that is your album name.
Click random article repeatedly to name each track on your album.

Band Name: Big Hole
Album Name: Her Name In Lights

Track Listing:

1. 1997 Pro Bowl
2. Jose Ricardo Mazo
3. Scandium(III) nitrate
4. Khamis al-Obeidi
5. Epiprocta
6. Selections from Irving Berlin's White Christmas <---my xmas parody!
7. Palaceplanet
8. Global Namespace
9. Limacina

My band name and album name are pretty cool, but, I don't know about some of these track titles. I guess that's the nature of the music beast.

In other news, my feet are sore, my legs are aching and I get to work Street Fair tomorrow. Fun. :)
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