March 3rd, 2008

Scrabble Cow

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Well, that tax refund went rather quickly. Of course, I did use a nice chunk of it to pay some backlog of bills. I got rid of one bill all together (medical bill from back in my warehouse days), they did a charge off saving me about $85 (yay!). There is a small part of me that will miss talking to Angela. I told her that it was a pleasure working with her, she was always very nice and never treated me like some deadbeat who didn't pay bills or something. I guess that's a rarity in collection agencies.

Anyways, I have enough to take the kitties to the vet (need to make that appointment for this week) and get my passport. Need to make an appointment for that. Thankfully, I get paid on Wednesday so I can pay the mortgage and HOA fee and then I'll just let things coast along. Actually, I need to figure out when bills are due again since I let them lapse for so long. *sigh*

I hate when I get irresponsible like that.

It's really dead right now. All I really have to work on today is the schedule, since I got everything else done in like five minutes. I need to make a few phone calls first. Then I get going on that.

have a great monday!
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