April 28th, 2008

Scrabble Cow

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I spent 8 glorious hours yesterday playing Scrabble(tm) with footnotefetish and bryanhelm. I even triple triple bingoed on "sparkled". 170 points. Kicked Matt's butt about 3 times. That was pretty cool.

Of course, the laundry didn't get done. Or the dishes. Or cleaning the litter boxes. But, for one whole day, I got to relax and not worry about stuff. It was great.

And, of course, work called, but I told them to call someone else in, I was busy. :)

So, today is a Monday and I have to do paperwork and weigh cheese and count wings and place orders, but right now I am enjoying the silence of my Monday morning. I love this hour of peace and quiet. I can sit here and play on the internet or I could be really proactive and get all this stuff taken care of before the day's business begins. But, I have three insiders today. i won't be needed. It's a beautiful thing. I may actually get out of here at a decent hour today. Then I can go do the laundry and the dishes and the litter boxes. Yes.

Saturday night I *thought* I had made plans with Angel to come back to the store and get some more remodeling done. I guess it was all in my head. I show up and he isn't here. So, we are still working in chaos. I don't like it very much. But, we've managed to make it work, which makes me happy with my crew. They may bitch about it, but they are still working through it. Just like me. :)
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