May 13th, 2008

Sidney Nose

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I was listening to NPR this afternoon during my driving around town on work time (I love when I get to do that, especially when it isn't a delivery) and they were speaking with a woman who was the Dean of Students at some college (Whedon? something like that) and has read the names for 20 years. It made me remember my college graduation.

I remember I was excited to wear shorts under my robe. It felt kind of funny, actually, to have these dress shoes on and wearing shorts and a tee shirt underneath. :) Anyways, the guy who read our names was a linguistics professor. He was also the voice of registration. I loved his voice, it was pretty fun to listen to, he spoke with real clarity and enunciation. It was also nice to know that the phone registration wasn't some automated voice, but a real person.

Anyways, my graduation was his last hurrah as the name reader because he was retiring. When they announced why his voice would sound familiar there was a cheer through the crowd of students. We had listened to his voice for four years, he was like an old friend. I wonder if prior graduations ever applauded him as heartily.

It was a nice memory to have while I was driving, of course, I also remembered how boring the rest of the ceremony was, since there were like 1000 people graduating and man, did it take forever. The tupperware party afterwards totally made up for it, though. :)
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