May 21st, 2008

Scrabble Cow

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Interesting day. I think I shocked my boss by telling him that I was very disappointed with the way my crew has been running lately. He made mention of it and I agreed and told him that I was none too happy and had a plan already in progress. I think he was waiting for me to stick up for them.

I'm getting one of my old drivers back for a while, this makes me happy. I'm getting a transfer from another store once the manager there hires two more drivers. Fun.

I'm not looking forward to tomorrow, but I'm going to try and take the most positive approach I can to what I need to do. I also need to adjust my pars on things since it's slowing down quite a bit. Welcome to summer.

Speaking of summer, man it was ridiculously hot today. Eesh. I can't wait until October :)

Heather has cemented her travel dates and I have amended my request off from work. She will be here from 8/28-9/3. YAY! This is the best birthday present ever: getting to see my "sister" that I haven't seen for three years now. There may be a Vegas trip in our future. We'll see.

Got to see Mariah tonight, that was fun, law school seems to agree with her. What she's going through now as far as visiting is part of the reason that I'm not visiting Florida this year. Maybe next year.

I thought I had some more things to say, but I really don't. Just that my next three days are going to be very very very full. Mostly with work things. I am going to see if I can schedule a massage with L in the next two weeks. Maybe as a treat to myself for dealing with the shenanigans that I am dealing with right now. Oy vey. Ok, time for bed.
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