June 11th, 2008

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I was not very motivated today. I dropped off some keys that had been left at the store (they belong to the guy who does a lot of our maintenance work) and tried to figure out what the hell I did with the paperwork last week. Seems I need to do some retraining of some supervisors.

I also found out that they have been smoking weed on the clock. I would really prefer to not have to do work pop-ins again. I so hate doing that. But, c'mon, fellas, can't you wait one more hour before toking up in the back parking lot? Seriously. Which then leads my supervisor (one of the ones toking up) to make stupid mistakes. *bangs head on the keyboard*

I just don't get it.

Anyways, I pretty much just slept today. I did manage to make it to the grocery store for a couple of items, so that's a bit of an accomplishment. I also had a lovely brainpicking lunch with speranzosa for some ideas and what not for her future in the desert. Good times. The service left something to be desired, which I've been noticing a lot lately. Service, I mean.

One of the reasons that my sales may have been staying fairly steady, or rather, not dropped off as much (looking over last year's numbers, wow, what a freaking improvement!) is that the gourmet fancypants restaurants in town aren't getting as much business as they once were. Instead, their customers are coming to us and taking the pizza home. With their $10 bottle of wine from the grocery store. Interesting. This could also explain the increase in service complaints, although, I don't know how many of those complaints are coming from my store. I haven't seen any. Who knows?

The kitties enjoyed naptime with me today, I think. Lots of lounging on pillows and the bed. They totally enjoy that. Silly kitties.

I shall hopefully be productive tomorrow. Laundry, house cleaning, organizing, etc.

I set up an investment account with sharebuilder. I'm putting half of what I save every month into that account. Hopefully I can start making some inroads towards a retirement portfolio.

Ok. I'm going to watch a movie and eat some dinner (bagels, cream cheese and pineapple!). Mmmmm.
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