August 3rd, 2008


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I cheated. I had one last night. It tasted terrible. I don't know if i should change my quitmeter. I didn't buy a pack, just got one from someone who shall remain nameless. No one most of you know. Did that make sense? I'm going through a minor withdrawal and it's left me fairly antisocial.

Although, I've been feeling pretty antisocial recently. I've been making myself go out with people, but my heart just isn't in it. Thursday night was a prime example of that. I was irritated with everything that was going on from the bar choice, to the fact that no one seemed to know the freaking address of the person's house I was supposed to go to afterwards. "Oh, it's on the northeast corner." Yes, it is, but those are APARTMENTS. APARTMENTS means that there are others who live there. Now, it's after 2 in the morning. I could be an ass and go knocking on doors or you could just give me the freaking address.


I did get a record player today. I went to Circuit City, but the only one they had was $300 and it recorded your LPs to CD. While that's a handy feature, it's not one I'm really looking for. So, I headed back to Target and got the one I saw there with the tape player, cd player, record player and am/fm radio.

It's nice to have a radio in the house again, since mine is at the store covered in flour, olive oil, pan spray and hot sauce. Will not talk about work. Not in this post.

I also purchased Shaun of the Dead which I will probably watch after I finish typing out this post.

I can't wait for Heather to get here. YAY!!!!
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