August 4th, 2008

Charlie Brown

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I may have reached the end of the rope. Just random bs from my corporate office today, not to mention that it started last night (during my DAY OFF). I don't remember if I mentioned that part from last night or not, but anyways, moving on.

My paycheck is all but gone, thanks mortgage and HOA fee! *sigh* I'll be playing it quiet and at home this week and next. Luckily (or perhaps not), I've got a driving shift or two to help squeeze me through.

As for the rope, I've started putting a little more effort into that job hunt. A nice full time job, 9-5 is preferable, M-F, with bennies. I'll keep my driving position to help bring in extra cash, otherwise, seriously, I'm done with this place.

Although, I wonder how the next manager would be able to handle it. Hmmmmm.

Ok, need to go out in the lobby and watch television. We haven't broken $200 yet for the day.
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