September 30th, 2008

Holla Bunny

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Oh yeah.


That's right. On Monday, September 29th, 2008, my branch of the MGP got a soda fountain. We have delicious soda and lemonade. I can make you an Arnold Palmer if you want. One of my favorites!

Adding the soda fountain actually caused a bit of a ruckus in the store as we had to move equipment all over the place again. That was a good thing though, because I got stuff where I needed it to be. Yay! There is a possibility that my freezer won't die now, or at least, I'll have about four more months of it working in a decent way. :)

Instead of leaving around 5, like I had planned, I didn't get out until around 8, but that soda fountain makes everything worth it. Then we discovered that the exhaust fan on the roof had thrown the belt. No wonder we were DYING in the store every day. I almost passed out on Friday it was so hot. I had to go sit in the walkin for about 10 minutes and drink a soda to get some sugar into my system. I was sweating so freaking much and drinking so much water, but it wasn't helping. So, they were there this morning. Hopefully, it gets fixed this week. I need to call our phone guys so that they can come fix my #3 phone and then I can take orders back in the back of the store as well as up front. SO EXCITING!

We had another meeting today and I had to stick up for myself a bit with the new VP. Which reminds me, I forgot to grab the damn sheets that are in our boxes. I didn't even know where our boxes were to tell the truth. I'll have to get those tomorrow or Thursday. *sigh*

The Greek festival was fun. The baklava was delicious, I brought some home and some of the honey leaked out onto my passenger seat. I have no idea how to get honey off fabric. Any ideas? I suppose I could google it.

So, yeah, that's about it.

Oh, and the season premiere of the office was PHENOMENAL! *squee*

But, it's not as exciting as my new soda fountain.
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