January 27th, 2009

Charlie Brown

(no subject)

It seems that Z has decided to not come to work today. I had a feeling after the write up today would be tense. But, I didn't get a text message for a ride today and that's when I knew something was up. When I got to work (20 minutes late) she wasn't here either. So, if she does call tomorrow, or shows up for work, what do you think I should do?

I could let her go, after all this is considered job abandonment. Some places cut you that day. She has worked here for over a year, but hasn't really been a stellar performer. Although, it was nice to not have to answer the phones all the time. She usually jumped to answer those.

Then there is the time she took the tip from a customer instead of putting it in the jar for all to share. So, what do you think?

Poll #1338800 Should she stay or should she go?

Do I listen to an excuse (if any is given)?

No. No Call No Show No Job
Yes. Cut her some slack, she's just a kid
Maybe. If the excuse includes police barricades and/or aliens.
Yes. But cut her hours down to two shifts a week
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