February 1st, 2009

Cactus Weiner

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Cousin came in for the weekend with her fiance. He proposed during the cruise. He seems all right. His personality is just as big as hers, it's rather interesting.

I was tortured Friday night with the karaoke. Ugh.

Saturday we went to Amado and to San Xavier del Bac mission. It's so beautiful there. Very peaceful. When I get my new camera I want to go back there and just settle in for some sunset photos. I took a couple with Amada's camera, they are on my laptop. I thought they were pretty good. I may even print some out and hang in my house. :)

It's slow right now. This makes me sad. I thought we would be busier. I'll probably run the phones for a while and see if I can't push the special we are having. I think we'll run the special all week. I need to get rid of all these chicken wings that I have.

I'm tired, too. I may have caught whatever cold they were coming down with.

While I was at the mission I lit a candle for my Grandmamum and Grandpa Joe. I miss them terribly.

Ok, off to pretend to make pizzas. I just finished the payroll, so unless I want to play with invoices (not really) then I better get out there.
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