February 22nd, 2009

Bucky Poet

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Brunch was missing the key member this morning and didn't last very long. There were some extenuating circumstances, however.

speranzosa had a beautiful kitty follow her home from her morning walk. He is GORGEOUS. Beautiful blue eyes, pretty decent coat and so very affectionate. Honestly, if my place was bigger and didn't have a 2 pet limit, I would have snagged him immediately.

We think he's an abandoned pet. He isn't skittish like a feral cat, he's very friendly with people. Came right up to me and decided that I would be his new friend, too. He even let me pick him up multiple times with no issues, no squirming, no mewling. Unlike my very domesticated Vera who sounds like she's having her tail ripped from her body if you pick her up. Nope, he just settled in for a good scratch behind the ears before he wanted down.

He isn't neutered, which could be the reason he was dumped. More than likely he started spraying and they didn't like that so they decided to just get rid of him. This, more than anything, pisses me off. The amount of ignorance and irresponsibility that these people showed is HUGE. *sigh*

So, if anyone wants a kitty, I will pay for him to be neutered and get his first round of shots. Since we don't know if he's had them, we have to do them again. Poor kittyhead.

He's really beautiful. Here's a picture I took with my camera to prove it!

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