February 24th, 2009

Eddie Izzard WTF

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So, woot.com was late in refreshing this evening. I was reading through the community comments and they were all speculating on MAYBE they were beefing up the servers for a Bag of Crap.

It was a bag all right. A golf bag. i can't believe I sat at work and refreshed for 18 minutes, off and on mind you, to see a golf bag.

I think I have issues.

In other news, holy crap was it slow tonight. I did, however, make $14 in tips. I put $9 of it in the pen fund.

Have I mentioned the pen fund? I'm going to see if I can't get some writing pens with this store's phone number and info on it for the drivers to give out and for other customers to take home with them so that they will have us on their minds forever and ever amen.

Worth a shot. About $100 for 500 pens. So, we are saving all the change from the tip jar (whatever is left over after any cooks take their tips, essentially, I am not forcing anyone to put money in) and I give anything over $5 (just need enough for my latte + tip for the next day) to the fund. We have over $20 so far. :) :) :)

What are your thoughts on this idea? I can't get them to spring for it, they are going to tell me there is no money for it, which is fine. I'm finding a way to get the money for it. For my store. We're willing to put in a little extra work over here for things, so yeah.

I think I should go to bed now. headed home. GOOD NIGHT!
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