March 9th, 2009

Bob Ross

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There is almost too much to post, but not really enough to warrant a real true post.

I bought a fantabulous sheet set at Ross for $25. 400 thread count. Oh yeah. I just went in for a fitted sheet, but that was a pretty good deal (froogle shows that the cheapest is $60). I went to Chik-Fil-A to grab a quick bite before heading home to crawl into bed again and wound up getting a free sandwich coupon! I had to pull around for whatever reason, which I'm fine with most times, at least I'm getting the food fresh. The manager or supervisor or whatever she was was all flustered when I pulled up to the window and when she brought out the food to me. I felt a little for her. I knew her pain. :)

I set up the appointment at Inkaholics Anonymous for the 16th to get my tattoo. Unless they do this to everyone, the counter girls were pretty stoked about my design. I'm excited about it anyways.

I got my new glasses (new to me anyways). I'm going to be wearing them a lot more often than my contacts. My eyes need a break for one thing. And I keep getting flour and dust in my eyes and it's hard for me to get it out without being afraid of scratching my contact or whatever. This way, I can just rinse my eye out. Ta da! Very easy fix.

I want to get Loretta groomed, this means shaving. She's gonna look funny. hehehehehe

Ok, need to get back to work. Or, start work really. :)

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