May 1st, 2009



Monday was kind of a normal day. Tuesday I get to the store around 9 a.m. instead of the meeting since they canceled it. New computer system being installed. Yay! The guy shows up right before we open and starts getting things set up so that once the lunch rush is over we can take out the old systems and he can start installing the new one.

Thankfully, D reminded me that I needed to pull paperwork from the old system for payroll and item counts. ok. Get that done, take it all down and bam. We start handwriting tickets. No big deal, except for some reason I am the only one of my staff that knows how to run sales tax and delivery fees.

We close at 9 instead of 10 (YAY!) and A shows us some of the stuff we needed to do for closing, except we can't print any paperwork because the printer never got hooked up. Huh? Don't even ask, see, this is what happens when *I* don't run shit. :)

7:30 a.m. on Wednesday I arrive at the store to let in the hood cleaners. We get this done every six months. They call about 10 minutes after I get there to tell me that they are running about 30 minutes late. Fine. I figure that they are just getting me back for all the times I was 10 minutes late. They call back 20 minutes after that to tell me that they have to reschedule because their power washer isn't working. Great. So, now I'm at the store when I don't have to be, but I need to stick around at this point because the phone starts ringing already. Oh, why would people start calling before 9 a.m. to order food?

We were participating in SACASA's Dine Out for Safety. Except, you see, no one from corporate thought it important enough to tell ANY of the managers that we were indeed participating. I blame this one on Uncle Mike. I think he agreed to do it this year, but didn't tell anyone else and so we didn't do anything to staff up for the day. That's usually a good day for my store (we did almost $2k on a Wednesday. That's nuts for a Wednesday.) So, I get to stay to help make orders and to help the staff learn the new system. I've used it before at 4th, but it had been a while. I guess it's like riding a bike.

I get to leave around 1 p.m. for lunch with parilous at Guilin (yum!) and then grab a 20 minute nap at home. I get a call that the supervisor needs to leave because he's having babysitting issues. So, i get back around 3. We start getting busy around 4. I manage to get out by 7 to go have dinner with speranzosa and TAB. I head back to the store around 9 to help the other supervisor learn how to close. It's a good thing I was there because we also had the credit cards working through the computer system now. This is the coolest thing I have ever seen in my entire life as an employee here. Seriously freaking cool and makes things fairly easy for dealing with credit cards. I do have a few questions, but I think they should be answered fairly easily.

I get out of there around 11:30. One of my longest closes EVAR. But, I was training Jesse and myself, so it makes sense. Head to the RG to keep C company until his lady shows up, and I wind up staying there until 2. Get home, can't sleep, watch Heroes (excellent) and an episode of Family Guy (the first minute had me rolling on the floor). Finally, by 3:30 I am ready for bed.

Thursday: the phone calls start at 9:48 a.m. *sigh* One of the calls I just said, "I have no fucking idea. Call D. He knows more than I do." The first call I can't remember the original reason, but I remembered that I didn't leave the food order, so I had to have R handle it over the phone with me. That was pretty cool. I did an order in my sleep. Yay! I overslept this afternoon, mostly due to the multiple phone calls. I got to work late and I had had leg cramps throughout my attempt at sleep so I was limping everywhere because my freaking leg hurts.

I had to do payroll from two different computer systems tonight, inventory (which I only got done half way) and close the store as well. *sigh* So, I need to go in EARLY tomorrow to finish up the inventory and open the store. I'll probably be there until close because I need to make sure that Jesse and Regena both know how to close. There is another freaking 14 hour day.

I need a vacation.

Oh, and I forgot that I needed to get cat food, so I went to Walgreen's to grab some so I could feed them in the morning. No matter when I go, if there is no line when I walk in that means when I am ready to leave 1 to 2 people will get to the cashier before me. Without fail.

Right. So, I'm tired, cranky and dammit, I need to get my car fixed.

But, I needed to make sure that you all knew what was going on with me. :)
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