May 20th, 2009

zachary quinto

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It is highly possible that the car will be totaled out.

I will miss Cassie if that is the case.

I am hopeful that I will be able to get a fair bit for her, though. KBB is about $3800. The mileage is the big reason it's not gonna be worth much more. But, she made it through 3 trips across the country, a trip to Key West, multiple trips to Miami, Naples, Orlando and oh so many other places.

Cassie, if you are to go, I shall truly miss you.

However, there is a sweet little Sunfire convertible on CL for $4500. I could pull $200 from savings, offer them $4K and have a nice little red zoomy car. :) :) :)

I also found a nice '01 'Stang for an unlisted price at a "dealership" near work. Gonna check them out. If I go that route, I could probably put down $2k or so and finance the rest. My credit isn't great, but it's not a huge amount to finance either. So, we'll see.

I get the rental in the morning. I'm more excited about that than anything.
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Singing John

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Got my car rental today. It's a Chevy Malibu. It's nice, but for me it's HUGE. I'm getting used to it, though.

Call from estimator, he'll be by tomorrow to look at it, which means I have to drive the broken car to work so he can look at it. After he's done, I'll probably bring it back home and drive the rental back to work.

I got to the rental place this afternoon and they told me that they had moved my reservation, so I asked where I needed to go, but they said they could handle it there. Then why move it? Seriously.

I had to put down a security deposit, which really blows, but the funds will be released upon return of the car, so at least I can hold on to some money, kind of.

Slowly but surely this is working out. I'm really hoping for them to fix it. I'm going to raise holy hell if they want to total it out, because, honestly, it's gonna be cheaper for them to fix it. Trust me on this one.

I'm mean sometimes.

Mad props to Char for picking me up this afternoon and taking me over there. I was looking up bus lines to see which one I needed to hop on to get to the car rental place. Of course, when I get there and get all the paperwork situated it says on the brochure that they will pick you up. I thought only Enterprise did that. Oh well. :)

And I hate my neighbors. They've been taking up all the machines most of the day. I finally got two washing machines and was going to go back and possibly use a 3rd one and the other two were being used by the same chick who had just finished using all four of them. She is currently using 3 dryers, which means I'll have access to one of them for now, but will have to wait for another to open up. Seriously. Why can't people be considerate. I mean, there are like 30 tenants or so in this complex and 4 washers and 4 dryers. So ridiculous. And since I don't want to be up until midnight doing laundry, I just gave up and am only going to do 2 loads. The rest will have to wait until I can squeeze it in another day. Dammit.

Ok, gotta go check the clothes and see if I can't snag that dryer before she decides to use it. Then litterbox duty. Ewwwwwww
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