June 12th, 2009

Holla Bunny

Sonora, TX

I got pulled over about 50 miles from Junction, TX. *sigh* 81 in a 65. Oops. Honestly, I wasn't paying attention to how fast I was going, especially since there was NO one else on the road. According to the ticket, traffic flow was "MED". I can only take that to mean "medium" level.

As I discussed with April earlier today, I am not superhuman, even though I like to think I am. If I REALLY REALLY pushed it, I could have driven the rest of the night and pulled in very early Friday morning to Tucson, but what's the point? So, resting is a good idea. I'm going to call R tomorrow and see if they'll be okay Saturday morning. All day Saturday if I can get away with it. I'd like to miss Sunday, too, but I'd rather not push it that far. Besides, I have a lot of shit to catch up on Sunday so I'm not too far behind come Monday.

I really really really thought I could do it, but an uncomfortable seat (which I think I fixed with a few adjustments), constant construction slow downs and getting into Houston during rush hour did not help my cause. But, the weather has held up, I'm getting pretty good gas mileage (at least, I think I am, haven't done the math yet), and I'm staying fairly hydrated with water and coffee. The coffee is one of the worst parts, but you know, whatever. I picked up a cute coffee mug in LA with an old bait shop ad on it. I rather like it. I picked up some peanut brittle for April's niece and April and a gator head for one of the servers at the RG. She asked for an alligator. Stuffed was fine for her.

I did get to eat some gator today. Delicious. And sweet tea. Freshly made sweet tea. God bless Louisiana.

The first billboard I saw coming into Texas referred to their having "God, Guts and Guns" I know that God was listed first, the other two, I'm guessing on. :)

Ok. I need to get some sleep. So I can get a very early start.
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