June 14th, 2009

The Office Head Desk


That's the number of miles I drove from Florida to Tucson. Two thousand two hundred ten miles.


I'm back at work on Sunday. It sucked. I've been going through paperwork most of the day from the daily end of days. I got a headache from it. I wanted to crawl right back into bed. But, instead, I get to open/close. Yay! Fun times for the kiddies.

Of course, Chatty Cathy ordered at 15 minutes to close and lives about 8 miles away. Up a hill. On a dirt road. I'm still waiting for the driver to get back. *sigh* I'm all done, just waiting on the driver. And he just walked in the door. Got to get this done then I can go have a piece of cake.

I like cake.
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